About Liza & the blog

Adventurer | Advice Giver | All Round Coffee Enthusiast 

I'm a 23 year old student, currently living between Cheltenham and Abu Dhabi. 

A good friend once described me as jumping heart first into life, and I loved it. I'm definitely a "I feel it all" kind of gal, for better or for worse, but I have found writing about my life and emotions to be such a fulfilling experience and that's why this little blog has been running since January 2015. 

I have been lucky enough to travel extensively in the last four years, and have been documenting my trips over the last year here and on my Youtube channel

I also love to offer tales of my own self improvement, with a few pieces of advice thrown in for good measure. 

Finally, sometimes I like to write lifestyle piece for no reason other than they were thoughts on my mind and don't fit into the two categories above. That's the great thing about running your own blog, right?


Disclaimer: Sometimes things are sent to me for review, but I will always disclose when that's the case and trust me when I say I only put things on here that I actually love. 


Interested in me as a blogger?

Please get in touch, I love collaborating! I'm always responsive to ideas, so send me a message and I'll see what we can do. 



This might not be the space you're looking for, but let me direct you to a more useful place: I have a professional bio over on my Portfolio, with examples of my skills including writing for publications, video content creation and social media experience.