Happiness on the Highline

The last time I walked along the High Line, it was -15 degrees celsius and I honestly though I was going to freeze on the spot. This time I thought I was going to melt, such is the extreme temperature differences that this city experiences throughout the year.

The High Line is one of New York’s quirky features, an abandoned railway line turned wooden walkway complete with manicured flowers and hoards of tourists. Oh how I wish this place was a hidden gem, but I love it nonetheless. As you meander along you get a sense of the city at it’s edge, with the tall structures lining the streets and those fire escapes that I always associate with the Big Apple. Artwork peeks out from the surrounding buildings, including a peace-loving Einstein spanning four floors. Even the Empire State Building makes a friendly appearance, popping up from behind the roofs!

There was so much colour every where I looked, and I couldn’t help but feel inspired. I feel like my creative energy has been very lacking lately, and it was thrilling to get a taste of that motivated excitement that bubbles through me when something captures my attention. It was like I was seeing colours more brightly, ideas were flowing more easily, creativity flooding back. I’ve missed it.