Helicopter Over Niagara Falls


If there is a best way to see Niagara Falls, I would have to say that it's from the air. After viewing the magnificent falls from a boat below the gushing water, which is also fairly amazing and well worth doing, we were lucky enough to rise above the ground thanks to a generous gift from my Grandmother, and isn't it incredible?

The experience only lasts twelve minutes, but that time seems infinitely longer as you circle over the water, hearing facts that I have already forgotten. What I know I won't forget, though, is what I saw with my disbelieving eyes.

I have been so lucky with my experiences lately, it almost seems ridiculous. Whilst I was in Niagara I had an unfortunate accident which resulted in the demise of my laptop and less than a week later my clumsy personality lead to a cracked iPhone screen. Yet none of it seems to matter when I look back at these and realise how insignificant technology can be. I appreciate the irony of blogging that, believe me I do, but it's made me want to care more about people than Pinterest. Using all those social media sites is brilliant, but I think I become too invested in an illusion, and forget that reality can be beautiful when we take the time to appreciate it.

What do you think?