A Manifesto Of Emotion


Yesterday, Thursday, marked the last day of my creative writing class. Three weeks of fiction, fun, new friends and finding out that I write longer sentences than Victor Hugo. I find it amusing that this class inspired this post about disappointment, because now I wouldn't change it for the world.

As a final task before submitting our stories, Miguel, our fantastic professor, set us the task of writing a manifesto. Examples included everything from the Communist Manifesto to Apple's, and we had free reign over what this meant to us, beyond being a space to share a statement about our writing and our values. At first the task seemed daunting. How could I summarise everything that I stand for?

Then it hit me. My values seep into my blog in almost every post. Statement after statement detail who I am and who I want to be, a hallmark of any writer who focuses on self improvement. I already had the material ready and waiting; I simply needed to curate it.

And so I combed through old posts, pulling out statements of emotion that felt important to me. I ended up with somewhere in the region of 300 sentences which I, of course, had to curate down into the piece you see above. It is a manifesto of emotion, a collection of statements that show what is important to me. I centered it around a symbol that I adore, one that I now have tattooed on my inner wrist. Perhaps you know the meaning, perhaps you know the project. If you don't, think of this: the semi-colon is used when a writer could have chosen to end the sentence but didn't. 

I loved taking the time to think about who I am and what I stand for, even more so framing it through words I have already said. What would your manifesto be?