I'm Adulting Now, & Other Stories


Hey there! Wow, did you miss me? Of course not – the internet is a vast space and I'm but a tiny little voice swimming in the ether. But that's okay, I've decided to come back anyway.

It was thoughts of insignificance and general life busyness that kept me away in the first place, and I can hardly believe that I haven't posted since August (and early August at that!). The last time I wrote anything on here I was newly back in England following my brief stint learning Spanish, I still didn't have a job, and was, to put it mildly, a little bit directionless. So much has changed in the intervening months – I'm back in Abu Dhabi, with a full time position at my Alma Mater. I have a boyfriend, the Costa Rican and I are giving things another go, the one who once graced these pages much to his friends' amusement, and I couldn't be happier about our second chance. He just left having helped me set up my brand new adult apartment. It's all white, soft greys and pastel and I can scarcely believe that I'm now an adult, with adult furniture and adult rent and an adult car that I pay for with my adult salary. (I'm 24, it was about time this happened. Also this week I got an adult parking fine, ouch).

I'm very happy with my set up, but somehow in the intervening time I lost the desire to write about it, and to post on social media. It didn't feel like I had anything to say, so I didn't bother. I'd throw up the odd Instagram post when I had a pretty picture, but it was nothing like the strategic post of years past, and this site remained ghostly empty. I carried on reading my favourite bloggers (Misha Khan in particular is a must-read) but my soul no longer possessed that burning desire to write. 

But then I recently heard that someone who has long teased me for putting my thoughts on the world wide web actually respected the fact that I did it. Hearing that reminded me of how I loved to type out what was going on my life and see if anyone else could connect to those thoughts. I've been working with the Sharjah International Book Fair recently and not only has it inspired me to pick up and actually start reading, I also want to get back into this writing business. 

So this is a tentative start back into those soul sharing posts that I used to love producing so much. If any old readers have stuck around, I offer you a huge thank you. And if I'm typing to no-one then I'm kind of okay with that too, the process after all is what I'm searching for.  I'm back, and I'm loving life. How are things with you?