Unboxing Cheltenham

It's funny, because I've been doing this whole travel blogging thing for a while now, and travelling for a lot longer than that. But travel takes on a new connotation when you live away from home, as I do much of the year. My hometown, once the backdrop to my entire life, became something of a more exotic phenomenon when I only got to be there for six weeks of the year.


Now, with graduation looming on the horizon, it looks like I will be back for a bit longer and suddenly what was home, which then became sort of abroad, will become home again. It's a hard thing to get my head around, but it's made easier the more excited I am about the town that I come from.

So when the folks from Watchshop contacted me to see if I wanted to be involved of a project of theirs centered around showcasing the best of cities, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the place that slips out my mouth when people invariably ask "where are you from?". It was all the more perfect because I actually happened to be home when they wanted me to do this, which as you can see isn't a high likelihood. 

And so I spent a day exploring Cheltenham, going to places that I haven't been to in years. It felt wonderful to reconnect with a place that is such a strong part of my identity. I love it, and I hope you'll love it too. Check out the post on their site here, it looks incredible!