Find Love in the Little Things

It's the little things that make life wonderful.

This may or may not be obvious to you yet, but I am a person who needs a lot of love. I've always been needy – as a child I was nicknamed koala bear for my ability to cling on to my mother and refuse to let go. I wish I could still do that, but in the absence of being small or cute enough I opt for a sort of metaphorical clinging on with those that know and love me best.

What needing a lot of love means, and if you're like me you'll know this, is lots of demonstrations of love. If you disappear for a little while or seem distant I don't automatically assume that all is okay and you're just busy. Sometimes I can convince myself of that, but my brain's natural path goes something like "that's it, they hate me". Logical? Probably not. My reality? Until I argue back, yes.

So I had to find strategies to reassure myself. For one thing, being needy doesn't make me a fun human to be around. People don't want to have to reassure you that they like you all the time. Whilst that's an excellent thing to do if you're friends with someone like me, it doesn't empower me to feel better on my own. So I've started to look for love in the little things.

Love in the little things is my beloved remembering when I was meeting someone significant for coffee and asking how it went. It's my Mumma buying me a packet of smarties when she gets petrol. It's my Pappi picking me up and driving me to the airport. It's being tagged on Facebook in silly memes that my friends know I like. It's all manner of events that we usually dismiss as insignificant. 

I want to add weight to these gestures. I'm starting to see them as the reminder that I have friends that I crave, because if I see it in gestures then I quieten my insecurities without having to worry out loud. It's these moments, perhaps more than the big gestures, that can warm our hearts when we're listening to what it means.

Look around you. Where do you see love?