Scenes of Shanghai


My decision to visit Shanghai was rather simple: in just a few weeks my cousin, who had lived there for two years, would be leaving, as would friends that I have made during my NYU journey. Spring Break was just around the corner and so I found myself booking a week in China, with little knowledge of what I actually wanted to there beyond seeing friends and family. As I recounted my plans to my fam, my Mumma came upon the spontaneous idea of joining me and so last week we embarked upon our journey together.

And this, admittedly ill researched, trip is turning out to be fantastic. 

It has been a mixture of relaxing and sightseeing, with conversations dotted throughout. We spend hours wandering along the Shanghai streets, clocking up miles and miles worth of steps on my pedometer between the Bund, Yu Yuan Gardens and other "must dos". 

And so I write this blog post sat in a bathrobe in Beijing, ready for more exploration.  We have jaunts to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall planned, and I can't wait.