The Forbidden City

After a fun few days in Shanghai we hopped on a train and headed north, ready to see what Beijing had to offer. Of course first on the list was a walk around the Forbidden City, which everyone says is an absolute must - and you can easily see why.

The bright colours of the palaces stretched on for miles and we wandered through red door after red door, in awe of the magnificence around us. It's supposedly the largest palace complex in the world and I can well believe that to be true!

I vlogged everything so you'll soon be able to see our whole trip, for the moment I just wanted to throw a few snaps up and give you a taste of what Beijing brought us. 

Apologies if the words are incoherent, I'm typing this from a rainy Abu Dhabi having landed at about 6am this morning. I'm a sleepy bear right now, and I can't wait to have a nap before diving into video editing. But it was a wonderful place to experience, and I'm so thrilled I got the chance to go. Have you ever been, or do you want to visit? Let me know in the comments!