Keep Showing Up

"Hey Liza, why do you have a picture of your desk on your blog?"

Well, imaginary friend that I'm writing to at 1am whilst listening to the Titanic soundtrack, I have several answers to that question. One) it looks waaay more tidy than it ever normally does because I had to take pictures of it for a piece that NYU Quarterly are running on dorm rooms (I'm going to be in a magazine that goes out to prospective students, guys. All because I put a little picture of my bed on Instagram. Isn't that hilarious?). Two) I actually really like my desk. It's not quite Pinterest worthy but it's cute as hell. And three) (which is the most important part) it's where I get all my grunt work done.

I had a really cool experience tonight where I got to inundate the lovely Allison Overseas about all things blog related as part of a panel my university put together on the topic (I was the moderator, not just annoying audience member with a bunch of questions, but I probably would have asked a lot of questions anyway to be honest!). A lot of what she said struck a chord with me, but in particular it was this idea of keeping going, even when it was tough and the last thing you want to do.

It's kind of the internet version of showing up. 

Most of life is showing up. You do the best you can, which varies from day to day.

- Regina Brett

I love people that always show up. The ones who make an effort and help and generally just make good stuff happen, even when there's no obvious reward. They're my favourite kind of people. They're the ones who keep going even when the whole world is standing against them. Maybe the battle is mental health, and they still pull themselves out of bed even when it feels impossible. Maybe they're the changemakers who fight to educate us all and champion the rights of those whose voices are silenced, even when it seems like nothing will actually change.  They're our friends and colleagues who quietly keep helping in whatever way is needed, because that's who they are.

And bloggers. God I love bloggers who write even when there's no traffic because sometimes those words need to be said. I love all the people who keep posting week after week with new content, and they're probably not getting a penny for it, but they do it because they want to. They show up, time and time and time again. Now I'm not saying that those who've made it into the dizzy realms of money-making aren't awesome too, but there's something so exquisite about those who are doing things when there's no obvious payout.   

We all have times where we need to dip out. As regular perusers here will know I take more than my fair share of breaks because life takes over. But it's been more than two years of typing on the site that bears my name, and I'm pretty proud of that. I've showed up, and I'm going to take a small moment to congratulate myself on that success, regardless of what my social media stats say. If you keep showing up, I want you to do the same.