...And Relax

I'm trying this new thing.

I'm struggling to think of things to write for here because my creative energy is being entirely used by my capstone, novel, feature piece on slam poety, and that consent video. But I love writing on here, I miss the days when I used to have three weeks of content scheduled. I could never understand the people who wrote on the fly, publishing a post as and when they felt like it. I couldn't understand them, of course, until I became one.

So, in an effort to get my writing flowing, I am choosing a title based upon the first quote I see on Pinterest and then writing about it.

Books are a uniquely portable magic

- Stephen King

The ability to relax is something I'm in conflict with at the moment. As a proponent of self care, I am always encouraging others to take "me time". But I'm a busy woman, and that time falls by the wayside far too often. I find myself most often relaxing with friends in a desperate attempt to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of my remaining time here. I miss reading, I miss snuggling up in bed with no responsibilities and losing myself in another world. The end is coming far too quickly, and I am constantly struggling to choose between working hard on my assignments and making memories with little room for anything else. I'm trying to find a balance, who knows if it's the right one. 

Relaxing will come, I hope, but I suspect the battle between working hard and living hard will always be with me. A self confessed perfectionist (or "unrelenting high standards", as my counsellor called it), I want everything I do to be of the highest standard, and that goes for both my academic/professional life and my friends. With just 24 hours in a day, something's got to give. 

If you, too, struggle with this dilemma try not to be too hard on yourself. For one, you already have a battle. You don't need another one. Life is made up of the moments when you shirk off work to go giggling with your loved ones, but it's also worthwhile putting in the effort to see incredible outcomes. I guess life becomes the curiously messy combination of the two. 

And my experiment worked! I'm not sure there's any real message in here, just an acknowledgement of the privileged world that I find myself in, in which a fascinating education and the beautiful friends in it are a little too much for the time I have, and a shout out to others who feel torn between wonderful things. But we can write about anything, if we just nudge ourselves in the right direction. I could have seen any words as I scrolled through social media. What words could strike your creative inspiration?