Getting Travel Ready

For someone who travels more than your average gal – thanks to an alma mater that funded most of it, those were the days – I post relatively few travel posts on here. I used to much more, but I got self conscious about my photo taking ability and found that it was taking over my experience there. But with my county count soon about to hit #43 when I touch down in Guatemala next Sunday, I do a thing or two about hopping on a plane. And yes, I did just freak out about the fact that this time next week I will be heading to Central America, which means that I'm flying to New York on Tuesday. I'm panicking a little just thinking about it.

Because the thing is with me, being mentally travel ready is much more important than being physically ready, and with just three days in between my last travel adventure (Amsterdam) and my next (the aforementioned New York), I have very little time to get my brain into gear. Which as an anxious traveller, doesn't make for a happy combination.

I've learnt over the years that giving myself as much control as possible is the best strategy. I start packing early (or in this case just wash the clothes and put them in a bigger suitcase). I give myself way more time than neccessary to get to the airport, and use the waiting time there to have a coffee and psych myself into the travel. I arm myself with as much knowledge as possible before I leave and use that as a weapon against my doubts and fears. But most importantly I just go. I make myself do it even though it's scary, because travel can be an intimidating thing and yet the memories I take with me don't contain anxiety but instead reflect days, weeks or months of joy and the sense of freedom. 

It's a short post because time is tight and I want to spent what I have with my fam. But even though I feel rushed it will be so worth it to start learning Spanish. Where will you be going next?