New Year, New Blog

Relaunching the blog, I can and I will

I know most people will start this post thinking ‘but Liza it’s August, what’re you talking about a new year for?!’ but I have a slightly different logic. See today is my birthday, which makes it another year of me being alive. So it’s my new year on this beautiful little earth, and I’m choosing today to mark the start of relaunch. 

Welcome to the lovely new! 

It’s still going to have the travel posts that I so love to write and I know (at least) my family love to read, but the change is in the design (isn’t it pretty?!) and the rest of the content. I don’t want to be a cookie-cutter blogger, churning out posts that I think will get me a cookie-cutter audience – and yes I appreciate I got a blog design from the lovely pipdig, as so many blogger do, but times are hard and he produces amazing quality designs for a really good price okay?!

The blogs I love to read break the boundaries of content. They write about what they want to talk about, the posts that they want to read. I shied away from talking about important topics because I thought anything remotely controversial would mean that my audience would never grow, but I don’t want to feel that way anymore. I want to tackle issues that we all face, but maybe find harder to express. 

Oh and I loved writing my advice section, so that’s going to be a far more regular feature from now on. Recent Twitter chats have inspired me to delve into even more areas, and I’d really love to hear of any advice topics you want me to write about. You can email me at, all suggestions will be anonymous and greatly appreciated.

So happy birthday to me, and happy re-birth to the blog. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go dive into some cake and sing Taylor Swift to myself and my twinny. Because that’s what turning 22 is all about right?