Making Time For Blogging

Making Time For Blogging When Busy

I know I'm not the only one juggling a blog with a multitude of other projects. As I wrote about in my being busy post, I am currently living a lifestyle that involves university, a research internship, working as the Social Media Editor for The Gazelle, running a peer support group, babysitting for money and, you know, having a life.

So where does blogging fall into this? Well the truth is it's a pretty low priority. It's my hobby and I adore the role it plays in my life, plus I'm proud of the way I've managed to keep up consistently posting three times a week for two months, but in the list of responsibilities above it has to fall at the bottom more often than not. Luckily I foresaw this being the case, and have structured my life to allow for my blog to run even when life is overwhelming. So today I want to share with all you busy bees my tips for running a blog whilst maintaining a job/university/insert other important time-consuming duty. 

Staying On Schedule 

I always like to be scheduled three weeks ahead, and at the very minimum two. This is because ideas come to me in waves, but I desperately want consistency. By scheduling ahead I know that I will have a weekend where I write five posts, but then not write anything for ten days and it doesn't matter because I have content coming out at the same time every week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday for those of you who don't know!). I also find this helpful for improving my posts: if I write them far in advance I can come back several times to add and edit, and I find they improve dramatically for being thought out over a long period. 


I am currently writing this on my phone as I walk to class, because the idea struck me by the lift. I will go back and severely edit later, but whenever I have an idea I start writing it out as much as I can, no matter where I am. Even if it's just patchy notes that no one will understand but me, it still gives me a great springboard to write from later when I have time. Plus bus journeys, waiting in line for food at the dining hall, and all the other times of my day that would otherwise be filled with candy-crush and mindless scrolling can be a great opportunity to flesh out posts. I also use the time my babysitting children are in bed as a great opportunity to write, and I edit photos whilst watching my favourite shows so that I feel like I'm relaxing but still making progress.


Scheduling is literally the most helpful thing to do when you're busy! Both blogger and wordpress allow you to schedule posts in advance and then I use Buffer for tweets. It means that even when I can't be active on social media I know that my links are getting sent out to people. 

Accept Your Priorities 

When I have exams and essays, blogging is not my top priority. Even though it's very tempting to procrastinate by writing, I have to recognise that I want to do well in my education and at those times LTB needs to wait. I also try to get ahead of the game for scheduling more in advance when I know I'm busy. However over the summer juggling my full-time internship, seeing friends, actually enjoying New York and holding together a relationship that was falling apart proved too much. I decided to take a six week break and it was the best decision I made. It gave me the space to write leisurely rather than the posts that become too forced, I had fun with my photography instead of thinking of everything in terms of this site, and it allowed me to focus on the people that mattered. It was having that six weeks free from posting that allowed me to get ahead and scheduled, and develop the lovely site that you see. I framed it as a relaunch, which is was, but a large chunk of that time was about improving me rather than the blog, and I'm so glad I did.

Blogging can be a big commitment, and for those that do it as a full time job it's an amazing chance to devote your heart and soul into a site and see it grow. But many of us still have other career plans and this means we have to juggle our passion on the side. I hope this can help any of you maintaining that balancing act, and if you have any tips of your own please let me know in the comments. The more we can help each other, the better all our blogs can be.