Why Do We Fetishise Being Busy?

Why Are We All So Busy
I know that hard work is the secret to success, my university and Pinterest have told me more times than I can count. Believe me I work hard. I maintain this blog, a research internship, classes and the work associated with them, the social media of The Gazelle, a peer support group, and a social life. But when did it start becoming a competition? 

I’ve noticed recently, particularly here but also on the big world wide web, that we idolise the notion of being busy to the point of it being damaging. People are working towards their dreams pulling 16 hour days 7 days a week and boasting to the world about it. The rest of us mortals, the ones who actually need to take a break, can only weep into our cup of tea. 

As human beings we need rest, and we need to take breaks to allow us to focus. If we work too hard our bodies can’t cope. If I start sacrificing sleep in the name of other pursuits I get sicker faster than you can say ‘bed’. Sleep is key, and I don’t think pulling all nighters to finish an essay because you were too busy with extracurriculars to do it during the day is something to brag about. 

I guess the purpose of this post is to tell you that it’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to not be productive all the time. It’s totally fine if you want to spend tonight snuggled up and watching Netflix. That’s an important part of self-care, and looking after ourselves is an activity that frankly we can be rubbish at.

So let’s pull on our pyjamas and have a relaxing night shall we? I know I will.