The Pursuit Of Writing

The Pursuit Of Writing

When you're posting three times a week, finding original topics to talk about is hard work (and people who post daily, oh I don't know how you do it!). Sometimes inspiration comes to me in such a rush that I can barely type fast enough. At other times I feel like my mind is as empty as the desert that I inhabit, and this is the situation I currently find myself in.

As you may have seen in my 'Making Time For Blogging' post, I love staying at least three weeks ahead of myself. I'm a busy woman and if I didn't schedule nothing would ever get posted. I scribble thoughts and ideas down, flesh out posts as they become clearer and then every so often I have a great big photography session to tie everything together. So imagine my horror when I discovered that I have just two posts in my scheduled queue. Two. That's not even enough for the week! Knowing that something needed to get written I scrambled around the notes on my macbook, hoping that somewhere in the depths I'd have a post waiting for my care and attention but low and behold nothing new was in there. So then I turned to my brain and demanded: "create!".

My brain doesn't like me very much, I think it just laughed it my face.

I guess creativity doesn't work like that, you can't just ask it to work and expect miracles. Creativity tends to come in those moments when you think you're focused on something else: an idea trickles through your head and quietly says 'write me'. Which, more often than not, I do. I may only write a sentence in that moment, and then will come back to it days, or sometimes even weeks or months later. So I apologise for this nothing post, but I imagine others have been in the same situation as me. It's currently a very busy period in the year and my creative juices are being used on writing about fish samples, the state of the food industry in America, the French headscarf debate and Female Genital Mutilation (I have a diverse education to say the least). I promise new ideas will come your way soon, but in the mean time why don't we take a moment to check in?

Let's talk about how we're doing. For me life is feeling a bit harder to navigate at the moment. I wrote a beautiful post recently about how empowered I was feeling, this is the single post I have to offer in my drafts right now, but it feels wrong to publish it when the reality has changed since it's conception. I feel distant from people around me, and just functioning in day-to-day life is proving exhausting. Maybe I'll write a post about those feelings, but I want to keep here both honest and positive: a hard line to draw when the truth isn't always happy and bright. I know I'll come out of it, I always do. In the mean time I just need to keep taking care of myself, and keep hoping that new ideas will spring my way soon. How are you doing?