When Times Are Tough

When Times Are Tough

When times are tough even small messages of love can make the world of difference. There are a number of reasons I’m writing this. For the second time in two years I am watching a horrible situation unfold within my family and certain family members are tirelessly working to provide emotional and physical support. This is exhausting and traumatic, and I have seen how the presence or absence of messages from trusted friends can be crucial to that person’s feeling of wellbeing. 

I, however, am pretty rubbish at remembering to do it, or taking the initiative to say something even when the person concerned is in my thoughts. The problem being, of course, that they don’t know that they’re in your thoughts until you tell them.

The other reason I’m writing this is because I watched a beautiful (yes, really) video about suicide from the perspective of loved ones left behind. Their message time and time again was “check in”. Messages are a small way to say that you’re thinking of someone and you care, and sometimes that can mean life or death. 

If you really find it hard to translate thoughts into action (and I do understand that) set yourself a reminder; I even have a check in list of friends that I know I need to follow up with. It takes such a small amount of effort but the benefits for the other person (and your relationship) can be immeasurable. 

You never know the difference your words can make until you send them, so why not take the time to write a message of love to someone who needs it?