Finding My Wings

At the rate I'm going, you'd be forgiven for thinking I've always been this adventurous. In the first 24 days of 2016 I will be on 7 flights between 4 countries, most of them alone. As you may have seen from my summary of the year, I am fortune to be in a position where I get to travel rather a lot. But once upon a time I sobbed at the prospect of being away from home and refused to go on a camp that was only a few miles away. Drastic, huh?

I like to think of it finding my wings: gaining confidence and seizing opportunities as they come. But it wasn't as simple as suddenly feeling able to do it, it was a slow progression, something I describe as being akin to climbing stairs. Each step is a little higher, a little bit further from when you started. Maybe it was quite tough to climb a few of them, maybe you wondered what you were doing as you put one foot in front of the other. You climb and climb, not realising how high you're progressing, until suddenly you can't believe how different you were to where you started. It's a phenomenal change, but it doesn't happen overnight. 

We don't gain courage by not doing things. Even if we think we'll be braver in the future, this only becomes true by growing from the challenges we set ourself. When we concede to playing it safe, it is instant gratification that forgoes the numerous rewards that can only come doing something scary.

People who have known me for a long time can scarcely believe where I am now, but I have to thank each and every individual who nudged me along my way. 

My life truly began at the end of my comfort zone