Blogging: Is It Worth It?

Blogging sure is a time commitment, isn't it?

Those of you who are merely readers perhaps don't realise just how much effort goes in to running this domain. I don't use merely as an insult, I adore you all, but you understand the need to distinguish. Those of you with blogs will surely know that when you're posting three times a week it requires ideas, writing, editing, pictures, promotion, monitoring of comments, and all the little details that makes a blog worth reading. When this is a side hobby, albeit a loved one, it can become a little exhausting. I write this over breakfast, before class which will be followed by my internship, then the gym, then dinner, and then sleep. Making time for writing can be hard.

Which sometimes leads me to wonder: is it really worth it? Growth around here has been slow, which is possibly because it isn't my priority. I love it, and some days I feel overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas that I want to share with you, but it's not my priority. So then when my readership is crawling upwards I sometimes despair and wonder why I devote so much energy towards this space.

But then I remember why I do it.

 I do it because I need my advice as much as you do, perhaps more so, and so when it becomes published I can look back and remind myself. I can't tell you how many times I ended up searching on my own site for what to do when I was feeling guilty, because the woman you read on here is infinitely wiser than the scared little girl who feels awful about not being able to help someone.

I do it because it has improved my writing dramatically. It is practise, practise that occurs with alarming frequency, and practise is the only way to improve. When I look back on old posts I cringe at how little the words flow, how clunky it all feels, and then I remember that it is simply a sign of how far I've come. That's not to say that my writing is anything special, I have a long way to go in that regard, but it is undoubtedly better.

I do it because I can look back over my travel posts and videos, and it it makes me smile: it is like a snapshot of trips gone by. I do it because my grandma can see where I've been. She once told me that it was like she was travelling from her armchair and I nearly cried with happiness.

I do it because I want to work in the non-profit digital world, and more than one internship has been impressed with what I've written. It shows commitment, writing ability, time management, and creativity, and it exists right here for anyone to see.

And mostly I do it because it's become a part of my life that I cherish. Of course I want readers, and I am so grateful to everyone who takes the time to comment or share my posts. The words you write about me are held within my heart, and comfort me when I wonder what the point of it all is. Knowing just one person can relate to what I've shared through vulnerability is a gift. But even without readers I would still feel this compulsion to write, it may just have to be confined to a journal instead.

So yes, it is very much worth it.

Liza Tait-BaileyLifestyle