Rambles In The Rainforest

It's been a little quiet on the blog lately hasn't it?

I apologise but thus far Ghana has mostly been about settling in, classes and interning; I may be abroad but I am still a student after all. This weekend, however, we took a little trip to Elmina, on the coast and I wanted to document the experience for you. I've filmed the whole trip for a vlog (are you subscribed?) but here is a sneak peek.

Kakum National Park is a huge rainforest, with a canopy walkway strung high above it. We wandered across these bridges, scaring each other as they swung back and forth with each step. I am not a natural lover of heights, as regular readers will know, but the sights offered were spectacular. Dense, leafy trees towered above and below us, green as far as the eye could see. We walked and walked, across bridge after bridge, taking wobbly steps onto the tree platforms in between. Photographs were snapped in all manner of poses, as we desperately tried to make the most of our stunning scenery. Fear crept into my body, but I determinedly stepped one foot after another, eager to enjoy this rainforest experience.

There is so much to Ghana. Other parts of this trip have been far less frivolous, today's visit to a slave castle a somber reminder of a past that we hope never to repeat. I didn't want to include any photographs of that, nor really to dwell upon it here, but I have to write about it for my creative writing class and the task is daunting. How to convey in words such a horrible history? I feel guilty on behalf of a nation that I love, for the brutality they inflicted upon the ancestors of friends who stood beside me and wept. To communicate that in writing feels beyond my capabilities, but I suppose that's what education is for, to test and push you, tackling painful topics.

 I am learning so much from being here: about Ghana, Africa, my perceptions, and about myself. But sometimes it's fun to just bounce over a bridge.