Bad Blogger

I probably write a post like this about twice a year, I know this because it always happens around the time of my exams, and when I go home to England. 

I'm being a bad blogger, with sporadic new posts and many an old link tweeted out. Each post day rolls around with a regretful look at my empty drafts, and a shrug as I admit that I won't be publishing today. I don't want to post half hearted content, so I don't post anything at all. The truth is, though, I couldn't care less. Because I'm having fun at home, drinking wine on the terrace with family members and catching up on the months apart, seeing old school friends and swapping stories. 

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I've been so happy since I got back. Each relationship feels refreshed, the sun is shining and I feel lighter than I have in months. This joy comes at the cost of my commitment to the internet, but I know you'll forgive me. With just one week at home I do have to frantically fit in many a friend or family member in order to make the most out of my brief jaunt to England. On Friday I head to Copenhagen for the weekend, to see my beautiful Kiwi best friend. Then, finally, on Tuesday it is off to New York. I am incredibly excited for all that I'm doing, and will show you in posts. But for the moment they have to wait.

So please, accept my absence. Each time my traffic drops I wonder if it will recover, and I certainly hope it does. But if you're being a bad blogger too, don't fret. We are more than the domains that bear our name, and so sometimes they become a little neglected. But when the real world is occupying our attention, who has time for the internet? 

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