Why I'm Retweeting More

As a small blogger, how thrilling is it when a fellow writer retweets one of our posts?

That simple act of saying “I appreciate your work and I want my followers to appreciate it too” is a gift to those struggling to be heard on this densely packed internet that we exist in. 

Retweeting blog posts that we have enjoyed is basically great for everyone. For the blogger, obviously, it’s a chance for more traffic and a wonderful feeling of validation. For yourself it’s a great chance to mix up the content you’re producing on the platform - have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Finally for your followers it’s a chance to discover someone new, and read exciting new content that they might otherwise have missed. 

I have been feeling a little bored of reading blogs lately. I crave original content, and whilst there are incredible people producing excellent pieces of writing they sometimes feel like a special drop in an ocean of lipstick reviews (no offence to beauty bloggers but I will never get excited about make up posts). 


Notable posts that I have loved recently are:

Laura’s hauntingly vulnerable account of her childhood demons

Freya’s diary of her trip to Senegal 


This isn’t to say that everyone else isn’t doing a great job, but we all have different tastes. Some of the above bloggers also do beauty posts, and I just know that I’ll enjoy the other things they write far more. But I would love for some of my favourite bloggers to retweet their favourite bloggers, because there’s probably many talented people that I’m missing out on.

So the next time you love a post, why not give it a retweet and help us all out? 

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