A Little Walk Around London

After a wonderful lunch with my cousins, catching up on life details and cooing over their beautiful chatterbox of a two year old, I had some time to kill in London and decided the best way to do that was wander. 

Central London is actually incredibly compact, and it didn't take long for me to cover many of the tourist traps.

I view the city in a strange way. In truth I am always a tourist, even though my brother lives here and I am literally here three separate times this week. Most journeys up involve some administrative requirement, or to see friends and relatives, but whenever I venture in I always feel the need to set my sights on the sites, absorbing the beautiful architecture.

Whenever I come back I feel like a child again, staring up at the buildings as I did the first time I remember visiting (and a quick appreciation here for Mumma who carted two five year olds around the capital, what a champion).

A particular anecdote I love that I learnt over the years is about the lamp posts.  Do you see the familiar logo?

The legend goes that the Duke of Westminster, infatuated with Coco Chanel, adorned each lamp post with her iconic emblem as tribute to her. Sadly upon researching the little nugget for this post it turns out to be untrue, CC merely stands for city council, but isn't the former story far nicer? 

If you ever find yourself with a little time to kill I do suggest taking a walk around Westminster. It's a treat for the eyes, albeit a little painful as you mingle with the masses. Regardless, I love it. For a girl who only lives in England for six weeks of the year, I sure am patriotic. 

Each site is complimented by the famously Great British grey skies, and I confess to getting a little windswept. 

Nonetheless, I loved it. 

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- Camera used: Canon EOS M with 18-55mm lens -