Small Acts Of Kindness

When I was wrestling with two heavy suitcases on the London Underground, the wonderful man who carried one of them up the stairs made my morning.

Small acts of kindness from strangers has long been a favourite thing of mine, to both give and receive. Small acts of kindness in general, like my brother insisting on buying me breakfast after I stayed with him, are just generally a wonderful experience in life. But there's something about the ten minute interaction where two people otherwise unknown to each other bond over a small act that just fills my heart with joy. If we look to the news for the state of humanity the world feels pretty dismal, but that's because the media typically doesn't cover those small details - the one that shows how helpful and thoughtful people can be. 

At a time that usually makes me pretty anxious, two men - one a relative, one a stranger - filled me with a gratitude that made me want to shout with joy. They completely changed my morning and in turn my day.

In doing so, they inspired in me a gratitude that made me want to be kinder to others. When I finally arrived at the airport to find that the airline didn't have a seat for me, I was accepting of the situation and nice to the poor man at the desk who kept apologising to me. Whilst I like to think I would have always been that way, my positive morning definitely played a part in me feeling warmer to those around me. 

Isn't it wonderful that we all have the capabilities in some form or another to do this for others. Yet so often we don't, caught in our own lives and dramas. That morning has filled me with a silent determination to look around me, and see what I can do. When we help others we become a strong force, rather than floundering beings in this vast and often scary world. 

We have such power in our actions, and now more than ever we should be fighting for positivity and kindness. What can you do today?

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