The Bane of Blogging

Blogging photographs are the bane of my (internet) life.

I can't be the only one who feels this way, surely?

Words come relatively easily. As I walk down the street, do my weekly shop, or any number of other mundane activities, I am struck by sentences demanding to be written. I scribble ideas down or type them on my phone, and I have draft after draft of writing that I am happy with and want to share with the world.

But each post always requires a picture, and that's where I seem to fall short: envious of those with glossy, perfectly styled photographic accompaniments to their words; uncertain of how to improve; and generally feeling lacking in the visual department.

Sometimes I wish photographs weren't so important for blog promotion, but I myself know the power of a picture. I scroll through Twitter and Bloglovin, casually disregarding posts that – for all I know – could be the very words that I need to read, but just don't grab my eye. Blogger walk a tricky path across two disciplines, and our strengths invariably lie somewhere along the two. 

I don't have a photographer boyfriend to take pictures of me, which is one problem. I have wonderful friends who I can occasionally coerce, but I feel guilty and silly for posing. I'm only just starting to wrestle with the camera settings myself. When I try to take flat lays they always seem a bit bumpy, or not quite white enough. I miss the best of the light, and then try to take photographs with too much shadow. Worst of all sometimes I just don't know what would be a good visual representation - some of the posts I write don't easily inspire a photograph. 

I want to improve, both my photography and my self confidence. Half of the problem when I do pose for blog photos is that I feel silly, so I look silly. I need to get over the fear of asking friends to take photographs for me, and be better at setting them up myself. And mostly I need to enjoy it, rather than letting it stress me out.

I have come along way from the early days of this site, I know that. Better equipment would surely help, but they aren't the solution and are, more to the point, completely out of my price range right now. Instead I'm vowing to get a bit more creative, and have a bit more confidence in myself. Happily, since I started this post, I have already felt better about being behind the lens. You will surely see some of my photographic endeavors in New York soon as they accompany the posts I've been harbouring in my notes. After all, practice makes perfect - isn't that what they say?

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- Camera used: Canon EOS M with 18-55mm lens -