Video Content Creation

The Health Promotion Office

One of my semi-regular tasks with the Health Promotion Office involved planning, filming and/or creating and editing a variety of videos aimed at disseminating information on a variety of health related issues to students. Having never taken a film class in my life, the below works are the product of a creativity, dedication and self-teaching.  Tina, the associate director of HPO, sometimes conceives of the idea and gives feedback to produce the final product, but otherwise all the content within the film is entirely of my own creation.  This is just a selection of three, others can be viewed on the Facebook page.


500+ views on Facebook Page

(Approximately 50% of student body)

900+ views on Facebook Page

(90% of student body)

2.1k views on Facebook

(More than 2x student body)



Housesitting project

I was approached by Anne to make a video for her housesitting profile, in order to demonstrate more about her and her commitment to housesitting. We planned out the video together, and I spent a morning filming her in action before editing together the shots. This was the final result. 


"I hired Liza after watching her on a video shoot.  She was professional, patient, and detail oriented yet could see the bigger picture;  consistently suggesting we get just one more shot or rearranging things for more options.  I was so impressed I hired her on the spot to make a video for my on-line profile as a house/pet sitter.  Through just a few short emails, she understood the scope of the project.  We shot video in 3 locations in just an hour.  By the end of the day she had my amazing video done and up on Youtube.  I had been fretting about this project for over a year, wondering who to hire and how to get it done.  In less than a week from start to finish, I had a professional product that I am extremely proud of which will help me secure more and better house/pet sitting opportunities.  I highly recommend working with Liza; she is smart, efficient, and professional." - Anne Geissinger